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Ever since Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing joined their romantic and musical fortunes together, hooked their home to a trailer hitch and drove off to look for as many of America’s music-loving pockets as they could find, the duo known as Hymn for Her has been living many adventures, one stop at a time.Their red-hot blend of roots music —and ferocious live shows —have also carried them to locales around the globe, attracting fans everywhere they go. Their troubadour lifestyle has provided creative inspiration for several albums, earning the dynamic duoattention from a variety of roots radio stations and international music festivals. This new set of songs is seemingly inspired by travels far beyond America’s shores. “We never have an intent for where the music goes,” says Lucy. “Songs definitely forge their own path each time we record.”

2606 - BaM Hymn For Her


Hymn For Her: