20. Januar 2020 @ 21:00 – 23:45
Mick Hargan • Kulturcafe Mainz

Einlass: 20:30 | Beginn: 21:00
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Präsentiert von Kultur – AStA Universität Mainz:

Acclaimed working class singer songwriter Mick Hargan released his third album to date on November 30th, 2019. Hargan regularly tours Germany frequently either playing his own shows or touring with 13 Crowes and Andy McBride. He is best known for his passionate performances.

‘I’m No good’ was recorded and engineered by Sean McGee at Cult Steesher Studio at Film City in Glasgow. Hargan was joined by his long term collaborator John Elliot (The Vintage Apollos).
The Set up for the recordings was simple as Hargan explains “ We’d went into the studio and I had Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings on my mind. Not that I’m anything at all like them in genre or style but I wanted just mics on the guitars and one vocal mic. I wanted to do it live instead of putting bits at a time down. For me it is always about capturing the honesty of the song and my mood at the time of singing them. I remember I was just at the end of a bout of Laryngitis and it probably wasn’t the best time to record, But we did and If we’d make a mistake we’d start again till our fingers bled or I’d say just leave it in. When you record like this sometimes you can have problems with the mix but in general i’m pleased the people will get to hear the songs how they are meant to be heard.”